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For a pleasant climate on the server, it is imperative that all users follow the rules.

Server Rules

For a pleasant climate on the server, it is imperative that all users follow the rules.

Team-member commands to be obeyed. Team members are unmistakably recognizable by the respective server groups.

Violators will be punished according to the discretion of the team members. Decisions such as kicks or bans need not be justified by team members and will be discussed only within the team.

If you notice a violation of the rules, please report it to a moderator/admin. For questions or small problems mods are first to respond, otherwise administrators.

By connecting to our server you automatically accept the terms of use and server rules.

The Rules

  1. All members of the server team have no obligation on the user to justify their actions. However, they commit themselves to benevolent and respectful behavior towards the users.
  2. Verbal “outbreaks” in a negative manner are strictly prohibited. These include, insults and verbal abuse (verbal, written or pictorial). Exceptions are satire.
  3. All racist, extreme right-wing, sexual, political, religious and other questionable statements (incl. nicknames, channel name, links, user avatar and messages) are to be omitted and are not tolerated. Satire forms exceptions.
  4. Harassment in any form is forbidden. Spamming, noise like echoes, voice changer and to much volume with the communication in the TeamSpeak is not liked and will be punished.
  5. Advertising and sending of links or IP addresses (via unwanted mass PN or channel message) from own or other Youtube channels / videos, TeamSpeak servers, affliate links, game servers and the like is not allowed.
  6. Attacks against the server with so-called “flood tools”, as well as scam or hackle links and obvious linking of illegal material are strictly forbidden and are possibly pursued legally. It is also forbidden to use multiple identities, proxy servers, music/telephone bots, VPNs and IP changers.

We reserve the right to change or update the rules at anytime.