5G5.NET & PewPewGaming - Free Public TeamSpeak logo | Create Your Own Channel

  1. Right click on any channel, click on “Create Channel”.

create channel right click

  1. Enter a channel name and if you would like a password.

create channel

  1. Click on “Ok”, you have created your own channel. Your buddy can join now.

channel name

Advanced Channel Settings:

  • Name: Name of the channel, which is displayed to all users.
  • Password: If you enter a password, one can only enter the Channel, if you know the password. Channel without a password are accessible for everyone!
  • Temporary: If you have a temporary channel, it is automatically deleted when you leave the server.
  • Semi-Permanent: Semi-Permanent channel will be deleted after a server restart or not use (over a week).
  • Permanent: If we see that your channel is actively used, we can provide a permanent channel. The channel must be then used active!
  • Topic: Here you can describe what it is in your channel.
  • Description: To insert links or photos you can use BB code here.
  • Audio – Codec & Quality: If the codec and the quality is high, the audio quality increases. This is but consumes more traffic / bandwidth. In a multiplayer game networks Intense and poor or unstable Internet connection, a low quality should be adjusted so that there is not some connection problems (Lag).